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Tattooing FAQs

Is tattooing a licensed profession in the state of Illinois

No, but it is regulated as of July 1, 2007. All tattoo artists must work from within registered studios and certified by the Illinois Department of Health. These establishments have annual inspections and artists must take classes in preventing cross contamination. Be sure a registration certificate is displayed (click image for larger view).

Can I host a home tattoo party in Illinois?
No, they are illegal since no artist can work outside of a registered facility.

Is tattooing safe?
Yes, it is a safe process if conducted by a trained artist that follows the proper sanitation and sterilization principles set forth by OSHA and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). All of our artists attend annual classes on infection control and the “bloodborne pathogens standard.” To ensure the peace of mind of each of our clients, we open a sterile, manufacturer sealed needle and tube in the client’s presence just before beginning the tattoo. We also place the used needle in a Sharps container after the procedure has been completed – needles can never be reused. All procedure accessories used are disposable single-use items.

It is recognized that any invasive procedure is of a concern to the general public. By conducting tattooing in this manner, we feel our clients are assured their health and well being has been protected to the highest standards. After leaving our studio, it is then the client's responsibility to care for the tattoo in a manner that encourages normal healing.

Our inks have all stood the test of time and since 1991, Perfection Dermagraphics clients have never reported an allergic reaction.

How do I prepare for my tattoo?
Be sure the area of skin that you are going to have tattooed is clean and free from any skin irritations, outbreaks or anything abnormal including heavy sun tan or any degree of sun burn. Wear appropriate clothing for the area to be tattooed - freshly laundered loose fitting cottons are always the best. If you are going to have a foot tattoo, be sure to wear light weight flip flops.

It is very important you do not come to be tattooed on an empty stomach. Blood sugar levels drop with stress and clients manage the process much better after a light meal within an hour or two before the appointment. A turkey sandwich with cheese on whole wheat bread is an example of something great to have. Also drink lots of water within the 24 hour period prior to the tattoo. Skin responds poorly to dehydration. Since alcohol dehydrates, it is also important you do not drink alcohol within 24 hours of tattooing, Tattooing is forbidden on anyone under the influence of mind-altering substances.

Will I be uncomfortable during the tattoo application?
Each person's response to this question will vary, as each client's threshold to discomfort is different. By following the directions on how to prepare for your tattooing, it will greatly enhance your ability to easily sit through the tattoo process. Pain medication is not necessary and drugs that are associated with bleeding, such as aspirin, are highly discouraged. This industry has benefited greatly from today's advanced technologies - in the event you are unable to sit through your entire session, we have excellent topical anesthetics that can be used sparingly, which normally reduces discomfort to a minimum in order to finish the tattoo. Anesthetics are used for all cosmetic tattooing procedures.

I have a lot of moles on my back but want a back piece, is that okay?
Most moles are benign and are generally ignored, but there is always the possibility that a mole could serve as an indicator of cancer. This makes the preservation of a mole important, as one of the ways a mole can indicate a problem is by changing color. If it has been tattooed over with pigment, it may hinder your ability to spot any color differences. Therefore, your artist will work around your moles in designing your back piece.

How will I care for my tattoo?
There are many opinions as to what should be applied to help heal a tattoo. We prefer you apply nothing for the first couple of days and then use a mild white fragrance free lotion. Whatever the product recommended by your artist, it should be applied sparingly and in a clean manner. Never put plastic wrap over bare, tattooed skin. Your artist will tell you when they want you to wash off the small collection of fluid that accumulates on the fresh tattoo. Keeping it clean with pump style antibacterial soap and warm water is the best thing you can do for it. Pat it dry with clean white paper toweling. Adhere to a “ look but don't touch” rule when showing it to your friends.

Some itching is normal in the healing process. It is very important you do NOT scratch, pick or peel your tattoo. A light shedding of the outer layer of the tattoo is normal and expected. Just as sunburn peels, so will your tattoo, except it has color trapped in that layer of skin. First it will appear whitish and crackly, then it will peel. It will take at least two weeks for the entire transition, so be patient. Applying lotion helps to relieve the itching sensation. Redness or other irritation is not normal beyond the first few hours of tattooing.You will receive written detailed instructions from your artist.

How soon before I can resume normal activities?
Usually the same day if you wish, although it is always recommended that clients return home and rest. Use common sense - you may resume normal activities, as long as they do not have an adverse affect on the healing process such as sun exposure, swimming, or exposure to an unclean environment. For instance, you would not use the gym right away. This will also be part of your detailed instructions from your artist.

Tattoo Ink Questions?
There has been recent national concern over the quality of inks used for tattooing. Be assured, Perfection Dermagraphics uses high quality tattoo and permanent cosmetic inks from reputable, long standing suppliers that fully disclose ingredients. Perfection Dermagraphics also stocks sterile water in the event any dilution of ink/pigment is desired.

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